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Women’s caprice, which made a miracle
1 day
You can take children to the tour

I would like to offer you one of the non-standard tours, which quite possibly will not leave you indifferent.

Let us start the tour with “women’s caprice”, due to which a masterpiece called GRANDPA LEVON’S CAVE appeared.

It all started when grandmother Tosya asked her husband to dig up a small room for storing potatoes.

The master could not refuse to fulfill the wishes of his wife and he completely dived into the construction of the cellar, but over time, he realized that he was falling in love with the stone… With days and years, he turned the cellar into a 21-meter miracle with 8 rooms.

Without revealing all the secrets of the grandfather’s cave, we all need to meet a unique woman who lovingly shows and tells about her little miracle under her house, which grandfather Levon left, and who knows, maybe the time will come when this whole story will turn into a legend!

Then a friendly conversation about the life, traditions and culture of Armenia is waiting for us, about the country that will give you love and a desire to come back.

The next point of our most interesting tour will be Garni temple, the only pagan temple preserved in the country, the interweaving of the ancient footprint in Armenia, which carries in itself the Armenian spirit. Mountain views, fresh air, the play of the duduk, a symphony of stones, elevated rocks with the sound of the Azat River gives the location an indescribable view; it is a place of peace, strength and solitude.

A story is from a licensed guide who loves his country.

Just a 10-minute road takes us into the world of the Christian miracle – to Gegard Monastery, whose name was received from the spear of Longin.

What distinguishes Geghard Monastery, the fact that this is the only monastery that was knocked out in the rock during the pagan period in 40 years by a man. During the tour, you will have the opportunity to estimate the minds of the architectural creation, which a Man owns.

And their art is glorified by legends and comes to our days.

What you will see during the tour

Grandpa Levon’s Cave

Garni Temple

Charents’ Arch

Geghard Monastery

* Optionally, you can visit the symphony of stones on a SUV.

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