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Wine testing tour in Erevan
1-10 people
8 hours
You can take children to the tour

Tasting and historical car tour: cognac house, Khor Virap, Areni cave and dinner with home-made wine at a guide’s place.
During this unusual tour, you will combine gastronomic pleasure with the process of intellectual enrichment. You will learn the mysteries of production and storage of the famous Armenian cognacs and Madeiras, feel the spirit of history in the landmark places of the country, be charmed by the sight of the great Ararat and enjoy the atmosphere of homely home at a traditional dinner with the indigenous people


What will you do?


  • Cognac house. We will start the day with a tour to the cognac house. You will hear an interesting story about the production and storage of drinks; feel the stunning smells of cognac, cellars and ancient Madeira. Here you will understand that making cognac is not a technological process, but an art. And tasting will help to feel all the nuances of taste and learn the secret rules of “drinking a cognac”. Then you will be taken to the cellars with giant barrels of cognac and wine. You will pass next to hundreds and thousands of tons of delicious drink that emanates an unforgettable aroma through barrels. You will also have the opportunity to taste the wine of 1924 year!
  • House Shop. After an hour and a half excursion, you can visit the shop and buy the house products at the best price.
  • Khor Virap. In approximately half an hour’s drive from Erevan the Khor Virap Monastery is located. It is the real pearl of our country. You will discover the history of this holy place and enjoy a breathtaking view of Ararat.
  • Cave of birds. This place of interest is located in one and a half kilometers east of the village of Arni. Here archaeologists have discovered the world’s oldest shoes and a place of wine production. This ancient winery has history of more than 5000 years.
  • Dinner with wine tasting. After the cultural and educational review, you will visit my country house where, in an atmosphere of warmth and comfort, you will learn how to cook the signature dishes of Armenia and taste homemade wine of different types.


Organizational Details


If you wish, you can spend a night at my house as a guest. The next day I will take you to Erevan or we will go to explore the other beauties of Armenia such as Tatev, Karaundzh, the Staggering Bridge, Nagorny Karabakh , Sevan, or even Georgia!


Items to have available  


Passport, medical insurance, camera, everything you need for spending the night

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