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The sound of a magic duduk and historical monuments with a visit to azure Sevan
1 day
You can take children to the tour

I suggest you to dive into history and see the beauty of Armenia through the eyes of a local resident. I am sure that you will like it and have the most pleasant memories of Armenia.

Leaving Yerevan, we will take a trip to the pagan temple of Garni, dedicated to the god of son Mithra. This unique monument is built in the classical Greek style and resembles the famous temple of Athena. There, in the temple, you will enjoy the magical sounds of the duduk. Next, I want to offer you to visit the Geghard monastic complex, located in the picturesque gorge of the mountain river Azat. The monastery was founded in the IV century and is a monument of medieval architecture. Afterwards, we will enjoy lunch at Lake Sevan, with a beautiful view of the lake. You will taste delicious trout and whitefish. You will feed the seagulls on the coast of Sevan. You will have an excursion to the ancient monastery of Sevanavank, located on the shores of the highland Lake Sevan “Pearl of Armenia” – one of the largest highland freshwater lakes in the world. You will learn the history of this unique monastery, and you can make wonderful photos that will remain in memory.

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