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The best way to try the Armenian cuisine
2-30 people
10 hours
You can take children to the tour

Culinary journey for one day with a master class and dinner visiting the indigenous people.

Dear guests, I invite you to a never-to-be-forgotten culinary journey, during which you will visit the Erevan market, learn all about Armenian products, know how to cook our traditional dishes and get a great pleasure of food and wine.


What will you do?


  • The Erevan market. We will start our morning from visiting the Armenian market – you will see that it is both the one man-actor show, and a visual master class of marketing. Here you can buy any farm products, starting from juicy seasonal vegetables and fruits and ending by aromatic pickles and fresh Armenian cheeses. I will tell you about the diversity of local products, their characteristics and the dishes that can be cooked of them.
  • The road to the country. We will choose the products and go to my country house. On the way, I will show you our sights, as well as the cave where the oldest shoes were found and the ancient rituals were held in honor of making a divine drink – wine. And I will definitely bring you to the old winery, where you can taste good Armenian wine.
  • Dinner at the country house. In my house, you will find yourself in the atmosphere of a holiday, warmth and coziness. Together we will cook the signature dishes of Armenia. At your choice I will teach you how to cook:
  1. popular khorovats – shish kebab of large pieces of meat;
  2. iki-bir – shish kebab with lemon juice and tail fat;
  3. tolma (dolma) – the same meat in grape leaves, but cooked in the Armenian way;
  4. baskyrtat which melts in the mouth – made of strings of boiled beef with walnut and cilantro under a special sauce;
  5. bozbash and putuk – two completely different dishes of meat with peas;
  6. Armenian basturma;
  7. kyalyagosh – an ancient dish;
  8. a famous khash – very thick and hearty meat soup
  9. hashlama of mutton.

Particular attention will be paid to our homemade vodka of different fruits – it is considered that in small amounts it is useful for the heart and metabolism. It is distilled two or three times, ennobling the taste, and with a strength of 50-60 degrees it retains softness and fruity aroma.


Organizational Details

After a hearty dinner in a friendly atmosphere, we will take you to your hotel. Transportation costs and wine tasting are included into the tour price.


Additional costs

Products for dinner – an average sum of about 5000 drams (10 euros) per person.


Items to have available

Passport, medical insurance, camera.


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