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Fairy Lastiver
1 day
You can take children to the tour

Armenia has the longest and most remarkable zip-line in the world. This is stated in the material of the American TV channel Discovery. Earlier it was reported that it was planned to open the world’s longest downhill on an inclined rope or cable using gravity forces (zip line – “whistling line”) in Yell Extreme Park, Yenokavan village in Tavush Province in Armenia. As mentioned, the length of the new zip line will be 2680 m, height – 200-300 m, flight duration – 3 minutes, maximum speed – 120 km/h.

We begin our way through Khachakhpyur gorge to a fabulous place called Lastiver. There we will see tree houses, waterfalls and medieval caves, where hermits once lived. This place is beautiful in any season and in any weather.

Lastiver is located in the Tavush Province. There is the most forest-rich region of Armenia in the north-east – Tavush, half of which is covered with forests and green areas. The name of the region comes from the Tavush Province of the historic Great Ike. The current territory partly coincides with the prior one. The region is rich in rivers. The largest of them is Aghstev; one of its significant tributaries, the Khachakhpyur, leads to the beautiful corners of Ijevan, to Lastiver.

A cave, desert, fleeting river, small and large waterfalls, forest and beautiful nature. Many tourists, both local and from abroad, choose the tour to Lastiver and visit a desert cave to see the beautiful and unique places of Armenian nature. The road itself is very interesting and attractive, especially for extreme tourists.

It was in this cave, during the Mongol invasions in the XIII-XIV centuries, the local population found refuge. The cave is located on an almost flat slope of the canyon. To get to the cave, people had to build a long staircase of logs superimposed on each other. The construction

resembled a dam, which is why the people began to call the area “Lastiver”, which would be translated “upwards along the dam”.

In the evening, we return to Yerevan.

Hiking details:

Location – Tavush province

Distance from Yerevan – 140 km

Length of the route – 7 km

Degree of difficulty – easy

Best time to hike – all seasons.

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