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Culture and Heritage of Erevan
1-10 people
8 hours
You can take children to the tour

You are invited to a memorable sightseeing car tour, which will show you the reason why Erevan is called an open-air museum. Feel the whole charm of the Armenian life, touch the architectural, historical and cultural heritage and get acquainted with the peculiarities of local life.




I will tell you about the time and circumstances of foundation of the city, about its cultural and historical significance for the country, the seminal events of its history and about the life of the Armenian people. Architecture: you will learn about the outstanding buildings of the city and architectural features, which make Erevan and other Armenian cities so different from any other cities. Culture: I will speak about the traditions and life of local people, about the gastronomic diversity of the country, about national products and crafts.




  • Vernissage. It is a fabulous and ancient place, with a national charm. Carpets, daggers, musical instruments, paintings, crafts made of wood, glass, ceramics and stone. Here you can find everything for every taste and feel the life of the country.
  • Cognac house. Here you will understand that making cognac is not a technological process, but an art. A tasting will help to feel the nuances of taste and discover the secret rules of “drinking a cognac”.
  • Cathedral. Echmiadzin monastery is the historical center of the Armenian Apostolic Church located in 30 km from Erevan. It is the place where time stops. Beauty, antiquity and spirituality. We will visit the Cathedral – the oldest Christian church in Armenia, one of the first in the whole Christian world. I will tell the story of the reason Gregory the Illuminator, the first Catholicos of the Armenian Church is related to this place. It is also worth getting to the divine service to enjoy a beautiful male choir.
  • Museum of spiritual relics. There is an interesting exposition of the museum inside the cathedral such as relics, a piece of Noah’s Ark, a real Spear of Destiny and the symbols of Armenian culture called khachkars.
  • Cave labyrinth. There is a unique cave labyrinth of the 21st century in the village of Arinj, near Erevan, created by the hands of a Levon man. His wife once asked him to dig a cellar. As a result seven rooms at different levels with smooth and glib ceilings appeared, which had been created without any drawings. In summation, the master went deep by 21 meters and dug almost 150 meters of corridors. Crossing of the passages forms a cross, in the middle of which a holy place is located. One of the original and mysterious inventions is a fireplace with a ventilation shaft, which was cut by the master from the bottom and up without any technical devices.
  • Evening Erevan. Then we will go back to the city and walk along the evening Erevan. We will start from one of the oldest streets in the city named after Khachatur Abovyan, where the contrast of old and new architecture is strongly marked.
  • Republic Square. It is the heart of Erevan. The area is the creation of the Armenian architect Alexander Tamanyan and covers 3000-year-old ruins. Every night in summer and autumn famous singing fountains in the center of the square are animated by synchronized music and light show.


Organizational Details


  • Excursion is being held both by car and on foot. If the number of participants is up to 3, the transport costs are included into the price, and if there are more people, the transport costs are paid separately regardless of the number of passengers.
  • Additional expenses: tasting of cognac – $ 7,5, cave of Levon – 150 rubles, museum of Echmiadzin (optional) – 150 rubles.


Items to have available 


Passport, medical insurance, camera, everything you need for spending the night

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