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Caucasian feast, Caucasian food. Georgian Khinkali – Armenian Dolma
1-10 people
1 day
You can take children to the tour

I would like to invite you to join me and visit two countries at once, Armenia and Georgia, where we will have the opportunity to try Armenian crayfish kebabs at Sevan Lake and a tender whitefish barbecue and khinkali in Georgia.

And of course, you will taste the delicious wines of Armenia and Georgia.

Caucasian cuisine dishes rightfully deserve universal international recognition. It is impossible to imagine camping without a delicious, generously flavored barbecue.

What do they eat in the Caucasus?

The most popular Caucasian dishes are meat dishes, as well as spices and desserts. A lot of vegetables, greenery and aromatic herbs are being added to culinary masterpieces.

The peculiarity and uniqueness of Caucasian food is as follows:

National soups are thick and rich. Meat bouillons are cooked mainly with lamb and beef.

Among the main courses, they like pilaf and barbecue. A special crumbly rice is selected for pilaf. This dish is made only from meat – beef and lamb.

Instead of ravioli, the Caucasian table is decorated with khinkali with spicy flavored filling.

The people’s soul of the Caucasus is expressed not only in delicious dishes, but also in hospitality.

How will the tour take place?

The morning will begin with a good mood, the friendly atmosphere will hover in the air, and there will be no fuss around us. Through the Selim Pass, the level is 2500 meters, you will see the Silk Road – Caravan Shed – Sevan, where you can taste the delicate crayfish kebab and whitefish barbecue. Then we will go through the fabulous Dilijan, where we will be able to stay near the legendary monument to Mimino. Next – Dilijan – and Georgia. By 5 o’clock, we will be in Tbilisi.

Like in the song – I am Georgian, you are Armenian and we have one Caucasus.

We will walk in the evening Tbilisi, bathe in sulfur baths, taste khinkali and we will fall asleep in clean beds like babies. In the morning, if you wish, we will take a walk around Georgia and Armenia.

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