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Ancient Observatory of Karahunj and Tatev
1 day
You can take children to the tour

Dear guests, I invite you to visit the most ancient observatory, which is 7.500 years old and it is located in Armenia. Zorats-Karer (Armenian: Զորաց Քարեր – warrior stones, stone army) or Karahunj (Armenian: Քարահունջ – singing stones) – it is an ancient megalithic complex located on a mountain plateau at an altitude of 1770 meters above sea level in the Syunik Province in Armenia. After long research and calculations, scientists came to a sensational scientific discovery: the architecture of the ancient observatory – the Karahunj monument – is the earthly reflection of the Cygnus constellation.

During the tour, you will see the Ararat valley, which is the most important agricultural region of Armenia. Orchards, vineyards, fertile plantations are spread over thousands of hectares. Many legends are connected with this part of the earth. One of them tells the story of the Flood and Noah’s Ark, the other claims that this was the Christian paradise here… Legends are legends, but you can be completely certain about one fact: the Ararat valley was one of the centers of ancient civilization and served as a field of human activity for thousands of years. Monuments of material culture are reminiscent of hoary antiquity.

We will pass by the village of Areni, which is famous for its wines and the cave, the pride of winemakers of the village of Areni, where the ancient winery and the oldest slipper were found)) maybe Cinderella’s slipper)) You can also taste the wine, and I will tell you how this miracle is born.

You will also see the pearl of medieval Armenian architecture – Tatev Monastery, which was built in the IX-XIII centuries. It is not that easy to visit it because of the difficult access to the area where it is located. But true connoisseurs of unique monuments of antiquity still find the strength and opportunity to visit this masterpiece of medieval architecture. The longest cableway will take us to the beautiful Tatev.

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