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A day in a village house
1-10 people
9 hours
You can take children to the tour

You will spend an eco-day in a typical village house, in a warm bosom of the Armenian family. We will teach you how to milk a cow, to fish and to cook the traditional dishes. You will learn the peculiarities of the country lifestyle and the history of Areni. You can also visit a winemaker who will tell you about the production of alcoholic drinks and then will offer you a tasting.


What will you do?

You will learn how to get food and then to cook traditional dishes of it:


  • You will fish in the Arpa River and after that we prepare for you a master class with a local resident who keeps the recipe of cooking fish on the grape-vine, passed down from generation to generation.
  • You will try to milk the cow, and then we will show you how to make country cheese of the fresh milk.
  • You will taste a real Armenian sandwich and find out the ingredients it consists of.
  • You will bake a real lavash and gatu
  • In the evening, we will lay a table of fragrant farm-style dishes all together.
  • You will go to visit the wine-grower and learn about the history of Areni. Every year there is a wine festival in the village of Areni, and recently in our region, the oldest winery has been discovered. According to experts, its age is about 6000 years! The local wine-grower will tell you about the ins and outs of wine production and offer to taste the brand beverage, as well as vodka of pomegranate, grapes, peaches, apricots, prunes and much more.


Organizational Details


You can come for one day – we will meet you in the morning in a convenient place, and then in the evening we will bring you back. Also you can stay with us for accommodation, just specify the conditions of accommodation at the time of booking


Items to have available 

Passport, medical insurance, camera.


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